Let’s Talk About Freelancing!

What is freelancing? Well, for those of you who do not know... Freelancing is when you work for yourself, *essentially.* As a freelancer you make your own schedule, you find your own jobs, you determine your prices and fees and you probably will never get paid on time 🤷🏽‍♂️.

I've mentioned working as a photographer and stylist in the past but never really got into the process... So, let’s! 

I have been taking pictures ever since I was a little kid... I've always had a camera in my hand... But I started making money from photography in college. When it comes to photography, I love fashion and editorial work, but that's not where the money is. So a lot of the work you see on my website, like my more creative shoots, I did not get paid to do. Which is *fine* because I now have that to show in my portfolio but when those were happening, I had a ”part-time” job with over 30 hours a week. That's not the case now and hasn't been since October. 

In October, I quit my job as a stylist at Topman to attend an advertising conference that same weekend. Quitting my job was definitely an impulsive decision, but had I stayed I wouldn't be graduating tomorrow knowing I had a job in my field to look forward to. I trusted my professor telling me the conference would be beneficial for me and she was definitely right. Through the conference I was able to begin my application into the MAIP program and if I wouldn't have quit... not only would that program and the job been out of the question... Graduation would've been pushed back because there was no way I could've worked 30 hours, gone to school for 20, and held two internships.


These tips are mostly going to be geared towards freelancing in photography, but by all means, if something is applicable for you, run with it. 


My Tips for Freelancing: 

1. Don't do work for free. You're here to make money and you deserve to be paid for the service you're providing. And if you do something for free, make sure it's something that will get you more business in the future. 

2. Know your worth, do your research and charge accordingly. 

3. Network, network, network!!! 

4. Have business cards on you at all times, with an email, your website, phone number, whatever else you need but you need them. 

5. HAVE AN ONLINE PORTFOLIO!!! And a good one! No typos, have a clean layout, show your best and a variety of it.

6. Be on top of your emails, and check messages on social media.

7. Use social media to your advantage!!! Actively post and promote what you’re doing and promotions you’re having.  

8. Be on the lookout for locations to shoot! 

9. Don’t return photos until you get paid.  

10. Be open minded about projects but know when something isn’t for you, and if you’re not equipped for the job don’t do it.