Hi Everybody!

If you didn't read that in a voice from The Simpsons that short title lost a solid 78 percent of its intended appeal. 

I'm in a blogging class right now, and this is my first blog post. Which, I wasn't entirely sure whether or not I wanted to have featured on my website. If you grew up with me or just read my about section, you would know that I am a perfectionist. And in advertising, I am writing to a specific audience for an intended purpose, and this doesn't really have one so that grey area is scary for me. I like having most aspects of my life controlled and to have a clear direction... So, writing without an intended purpose is so bizarre. But doing something of this nature seems fitting considering my life is a big question mark right now. I'm a senior in college graduating in May I am apart of the MAIP draft WHICH TAKES PLACE TODAY... So let me tell you a little about that because it's all I can think about. 

The MAIP program stands for the Multicultural Advertising Intern Program, trying saying that 5 times fast. (Actually, I just did and it really isn't that difficult... but MAIP is easier.) It's an advertising program that I applied for that is competitive, nationwide, and so beneficial for my future career in advertising should an agency choose me in this interning Hunger Games should someone choose me as their intern. 

I debated on even mentioning MAIP, because I am a nervous wreck, and can't handle rejection. I'm a Leo, sorry. BUT... I find out at 1pm... So, imagine how I feel typing this not knowing what's going to happen and if I'm going to be chosen for anything and if this blog post is actually going to be a precursor to failure. Me, negative? Nah. 

So, let me tell you all about my road to MAIP, I thought about using "y'all" there just because of the flow but that now makes the second time in my life I've ever used that word so why start now? No offense to any southerners out there, my family's from Tennessee, and I really do love the south.

ANYWAY... Back to the MAIP program and advertising.

Like many college students, I had a part-time job that fell into a field I was interested in but not exactly what I wanted to do. Unlike most, I ran my own department. I was the #1 stylist in the country within my company and the only one doing what I did in Chicago. I had a lot of responsibility, and with responsibility came distractions. Distractions from school and distractions from taking the necessary steps to secure my future in advertising. The Student Advertising Career Conference had been talked about, but as soon as I heard it took place on a weekend I almost immediately ruled it out. I worked every weekend from 12-8pm and I couldn’t call off because I was the only one in my department and no one would be able to cover me. Leisure aside, imagine working every weekend for two years. I missed out on a lot, and I needed to change that. I needed to break my own parity. So, what did I do? I quit and purchased a ticket to the conference. I decided to focus less on right now and more on my future… and when it came down to it, attending the conference was more beneficial for my future than working a part-time job that was putting a halt on opportunities that were coming my way. At the conference, I saw a poster for the MAIP program but noticed the deadline had passed, another missed opportunity I thought... until I rep came up to me and told me that they extended the deadline. I completed all of the necessary steps, advanced into the next round, went into the next, became a finalist... and fast forward to the MAIP draft today... I'm waiting to find out if an agency chose me to work for them over the summer. 

The MAIP draft is unlike any other program I have ever heard of because, I took the necessary steps to get there, but at the end of the day... the ball isn't in my court, actually the ball could be anywhere in the country. One agency is going to choose me if they do, and it's whoever picks me first... wherever in the country. No pressure, right?

I'm nervous, and excited and feeling all the Cardi B pre-Grammy vibes right now, but believe me when I say that I am so thrilled and incredibly humbled to have made it this far. Regardless of what happens today, I'm I know that I have an exciting future to look forward to. 

(And when I was on J-term for an advertising class, I got an offer from an agency here in Chicago so that's helping me not curl into a ball from crippling anxiety and nervousness!!!)


Until next time.




NEXT DAY UPDATE: Turns out I’ll be working with Havas this summer as a strategy intern!