FRY TOUR 2K18 (Part One)


This is a post for you!


When I started Columbia three years ago with, I made a pact with one of best friends since high school, Bree Quiachon (blogger, stylist, potato extraordinaire), to find the best fries in Chicago. IT TOOK US THREE YEARS BUT WE FINALLY WENT ON OUR FRY TOUR. 


Bree and I are determined to find the best fries in Chicago.

 (Just no longer in the same day.)

We realized that going to every recommended potato hub in a day would probably be the cause of a rapid high cholesterol diagnosis... So, we went to five restaurants and have a goal of 20 for the year! 



Spot #1: Epic Burger



Epic Burger's french fries are fried to perfection, leaving a little bit of the skin for added flavor, and guide the path to my heart.

Spot #2: The Hampton Social

This marked my first time at the highly photographed Hampton Social, and despite not being on the side with the infamous "rosé wall," The Hampton Social lived up to my expectations. 
Photo by: Bree Quiachon

Photo by: Bree Quiachon

At first, when the fries were brought out I didn't think I would like them. I'm not a typical skinny fry fan, but these with the chipotle mayo... PURE BLISS!

And, the perfect fries to have with a drink!

Stop #3: Shake Shack

Shake Shack had a line that almost went out the door so we ate these on the train to the 4th stop. On the go, they're great, and the experience did not feel shortened because we didn't eat them there. Bree and I ordered cheese fries and were immediately impressed by the crunch and crispiness these fries had to offer. 

We did notice a difference in the cheese when you get cheese fries to go. SO, in a normal cheese fry ordering scenario, the cheese comes on the fries, but when you get it to go, it's on the side... AND, it's thicker! Strange.

Stop #4: Devil Dawgs

Bree and I are notorious for ordering loaded fries with bacon and cheese from Devil Dawgs but after a day of eating, and for fair rating we decided to stick to cheese fries.

On their own, they're not spectacular. But these are the perfect fries to be paired with other foods. With a burger? Absolutely. Hot dog? You guessed it! BACON AND CHEESE? You bet! And not to mention, they're a staple drunk fry.

Stop #5: DMK Burger

5/20 down. 15 more to go  

Bree and I shall return, with looser pants next time.