Let Me Ask You A Question...

A poem by Christian Blakley



Let me ask you a question,

I'll write it out clear.

How would you live your life

if it wasn't clouded with fear?

Would you get that promotion,  

the one that would cause quite the commotion?

Or would you leave altogether,

and move on for the better?


I'm proud of myself I've accomplished a lot,

but giving up on my dreams

would be me letting my life rot.


When I was a little kid I wanted to be on the big screen, 

I spent every day staring into a mirror wishing to get lean.

Well, here I am, I'm skinny and fit,

Yet things haven't taken off, I feel like a twit.


Tell me your secrets, some things that you quit,

Are there any you wish you would've stuck out without causing a fit?


For me it'd be piano, I quit that in first grade, 

I quit to take voice lessons, but that want I too let fade.

I didn't lose it completely, I instead joined the choir,

I did that until college,

well, shortly prior.


Performing was once such a large part of my identity,

to not do it now seems like quite the obscenity.


I do really miss it,

Thought I’d share a brief tidbit,

I’ll never give up on being America’s next big hit.


The arts are my passion, a skill I must say,

I found my own way to get past life's dismay.

I told you my secret, what I wish I hadn't quit, 

Now tell me yours, I'll check back in a bit.


What are some things you either quit or never started?

Let’s take a stroll through some of the things that I have quit along the way…

  1. Preschool
    I just got fed up and stopped going.

  2. Piano Lessons
    First grade me wasn’t interested in becoming the next Mozart.
  3. Art Classes
    I quit piano to take art classes and I quit before I even signed up.
  4. Voice lessons
    Another thing I quit before starting. But, picked it up later through choir and musicals.
  5. Boyscouts
    I quit after one day because I accidentally hit my finger with a hammer
  6. Basketball
    Fourth grade me was fat and asthmatic, and the team stopped telling me when we had games.
  7. Volleyball
    I quit before the first practice.
  8. Swimming Lessons
    Yes, I thought drowning would be better than continuing out lessons.
  9. Acting classes… Auditions… Callbacks… Agencies…
  10. Heterosexuality... I tried, not for me.
  11. Spanish 3 Honors and Spanish club… I dropped out of this one because I found out the guy I liked was taking drama, so I took it even though I already took it the year before… 
    And because of that it was counted as an honors course. 
  12. YouTube… I started and quit this one multiple times… and might start again.
  13. This list.