So About New York...

Hello Everyone!



So, back in January, I went to New York for the first time... And you may be thinking, wait, Christian... It's May, why are you showing us a video from New York in January... WE WANT NEW CONTENT!!! And well, to answer that it is new to you because you haven't seen it before so boom. AND... because I'm graduating next weekend, now more than ever I'm thinking about my life after college and what's coming next. I have an internship after graduation


BUT, I keep thinking about where life is going to take me and I keep going back to this trip... New York was the most inspiring trip I've been on and I felt so motivated and hungry the whole time... for success and quite literally for food because there's food everywhere. Hot dogs on every corner, $1 slices of pizza... incredible. 

So watch, enjoy, and experience the drive I had with me. Because with a week left, this is the same drive and motivation I'm going to need every day from here on out.