Model After the Model

Hello, ramblers, fashion lovers, ad extraordinaires, hopefully Mariah Carey fans by now, 



(I bet you didn't see that one coming.)

I have a few photoshoots coming up and I'm going to be in front of the camera for these... and I'm a little rusty. I've modeled before but I this is going to be my first campaign, it's for a coffee shop (not sure if I can say the name of it yet... but look out for me on a bike! 😏) 

So, what am I doing to prep for my shoots? I'm working out like crazy, stalking my favorite models on Instagram... and seeking out tips from a model I know,  Nic Kertesz.


Everyone, meet Nic.

Nic is a model here in Chicago and my old work husband. Unfortunately, wedding plans have been postponed due to an unexplained case of heterosexuality on Nic's part. 

Nic, say hi to everyone.

Pictured above: Nic and Huxley

Pictured above: Nic and Huxley

Nic: Hi everyone, sorry for the heterosexuality. I really don’t know how that happened, it ruined all of our wedding plans.

All's forgiven... So now that you're no longer wedding planning,  what does your day to day look like as a model?

Nic: Honestly, not that much different than most people’s. I have another job as a server at a restaurant in River North, I love spending time with my cats, and I enjoy long walks on the beach. Though for modeling, I do have to work out at least several times a week, make sure I’m eating (somewhat) healthily, and take extra good care of my skin.

Exciting, exciting... so, how do you get inspiration for poses or facial expressions?

Nic: Keeping up with the latest fashion trends and reading fashion magazines is a great way to not only stay up-to-date with the world of fashion, but also to get an idea for cool poses/expressions. I also like practicing different expressions in the mirror, or just doing whatever comes to me at a shoot. Asking for input from the photographer can be a great help for fitting their vision and figuring out what looks good on camera (and what doesn’t!).

What are some social media tips for a model? Do you post all of the photos you get back at once, do you post before the photographer, what do you do?

Nic: Post consistently, frequently, and tag as many things as you can! Engagement with followers is key. I don’t post everything at once, I usually space things out so I can be certain to not run out of new content and so I’m not spamming my followers. I will typically ask the photographer for permission to post, but don’t necessarily coordinate my posts with them.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be fully clothed for this shoot, unless I'm hitting the gym everyday and moving it back until December, but for the shoots that you've done nude or partially, were they uncomfortable for you?

Nic: I’ve only done partially nude shoots, but they haven’t yet been uncomfortable for me. I’ve been careful and fortunate enough to work with photographers with a strong sense of professionalism, plus I’m comfortable with my body, so no uncomfortableness for me as of yet.

Do you have a day of ritual for a shoot?

Nic: I just make sure my face looks clear, my hair is on fleek, and I have everything I need for the shoot. I’m also big on punctuality.

Love the use of "on fleek." Very 2015 of you!  Are there any poses that you would say to stay away from or avoid?

Nic: Hmm not in particular. As you start modeling, you’ll quickly learn what poses and expressions work best for you on camera, and which one’s do not. It just takes practice and working with your own features.

What's the strangest experience you have had while shooting? 

Nic: Well, going back to the unfortunate case of my heterosexuality, there was a photographer who gave me some... flirty vibes (not you Christian). It was obvious he either found me attractive or was just really friendly based on all the shirtless snapchats and workout invites. He wasn’t pushy though and has some good work, so I decided to shoot with him downtown. Upon meeting and looking around for a place to shoot, he asked if I was seeing anyone, to which I replied, “Yeah! My girlfriend of four years.” He responded with, “You’re STRAIGHT? I thought you were gay this whole time!” I was just like, “Yeah I get that sometimes,” and joked it off. He was from then on much less talkative with me, and other than the shoot, never sent me another picture or message again.

Sorry you had to experience that! And thank you for clarifying that it was NOT ME. So, before we leave here... any last minute words of wisdom?

Nic: Be careful of who you’re shooting with, especially if you’re a woman, because I’ve heard of stories where some photographers can’t be creepy and touchy, etc. Just make sure they’re legit. Otherwise keep up with current fashion trends, practice your expressions in the mirror (especially the smile!), and network network network!

You heard it here. Work out, take care of your skin, practice, engage with your audience, and stay safe. Thanks for the tips, Nic!

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